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Tips To Save Your Mattress From Growing mould

Mattress Mould Removal

There are not one or two but a lot of ways that can help you in avoiding mould in your mattress. mould is a type of fungus that is often found growing in damp places with high moisture levels. Here are some tips and tricks to save your mattress from mould. You can find tips on how to avoid mould on mattresses in this article.

  • Avoid Mattresses That Have Memory Foam

Sure it sounds and feels nice to sleep on a memory foam mattress but they are also an open invitation to mould growth. These kinds of mattresses are air-tight and they are probably the most airtight mattress that you can find on the market. Being airtight might be good for sleep, but they are suitable for mould growth. mould will start growing as there are no places for the air to move and you want good breathability to avoid mould growth.

  • Have A Good Air Flow Beneath Your Mattress

Whenever possible try to have decent space beneath your mattresses and floor. If possible you should buy a bed that has a slatted base. A slatted bed base allows the mattress to have better airflow in comparison to a board box or box spring type of bed base. This is going to allow the mattress to breathe more which lowers the chances of mattress mould growth. Using this method you can avoid mattress mould very much and you don’t need to hire any mattress mould removal service.

  • Use A Breathable Mattress Cover

If you are using your mattress without any cover then you need to buy one right now. A bed cover not only protects your mattress from dust but also reduces the chances of mould growth. We recommend using a mattress cover that is breathable to allow the air to flow through your mattress. It helps you avoid mattress mould growth a lot and you even cut the mould growth completely.

  • Put Your Mattress In A Well-Lit Environment

In most cases, moulds start to grow in a place that is humid and dark. One way you can avoid mattress mould growth is by putting your mattress in a well-lit environment. This process will work as the best mattress deodorization. It will eliminate all the darkness where mould can grow and you can reduce the chances of mould growth.

  • Keep Mattress Away From Moisture

Another major factor in mould growth is moisture. It thrives in places with high moisture levels. You need to keep your mattress away from any kind of moisture, by cutting or reducing the moisture. You take away one of the things where mould grows. This way you can avoid mattress mould growth in a big way. We recommend avoiding places such as pools, showers, and bathrooms and drying your hair before heading to bed. If you don’t consider your mattress seriously, you will have to hire mattress cleaning services twice or three times a year.

  • Dry Spills As Soon As You Can

Spills are another thing that can introduce moisture to your mattress. If a spill does happen then, you need to immediately dry the area and remove all the spilled liquid as soon as possible. If there is some moisture left behind even after cleaning the spill then, mould will start to grow. To avoid Mattress mould growth, you need to do everything in your power to treat the spill and remove all the moisture from your mattress.


These are some tips and tricks that you can use to avoid mattress mould growth. But, keep in mind this is not everything. There are still some ways in which mould can grow on your mattress. If you encounter a mattress mould then you need to look for mattress mould removal Hobart services from reputable & professional mattress cleaners.

The mattress that we use at home needs to be clean and free from dust to have a comfortable sleep. Do you know there is a lot of dust and allergens in the mattress that causes health effects? Right from mites to allergens, there are numerous things that you need to take care of if you have a mattress in your home. Therefore, for a comfortable sleep, make sure to have a perfectly cleaned mattress. Though there are different types of mattresses, you need to follow some quick steps to clean them.

All Types of Mattress Cleaning

Here are some simple and effective steps for all types of mattress cleaning that you should know-

Step 1: Your first step in mattress cleaning should be inspecting the mattress. The visual inspection will give you an idea about what sort of stain or dust there is. With this, you will get to know what cleaning hacks or methods you need to do. Keep checking your mattress every week to find if there are mites, stains, or dust on it.

Step 2: While inspecting the mattress, if you find anything then you need to clean the mattress and bed sheet. Thus, the next step is to keep all the cleaning supplies handy so that you don’t have to roam anywhere. Right from cleaning solutions to vacuum cleaners, all these tools need to be kept handy with you.

Step 3: One of the effective steps for all types of mattress cleaning is using a vacuum cleaner. Well, this is the most commonly used step of cleaning the mattress that one should always follow. This step is good for removing any sort of fur, dirt, hair, and dust from the mattress. Use the vacuum cleaner as it makes the entire cleaning process easier and quicker.

Step 4: The next step is the spot-cleaning of the mattress. This is another important step for all types of mattress cleaning. For this, you just need to use a stain remover if there are stains on the mattress. You need to be a bit careful while doing the spot cleaning step. Make sure you’re not soaking the mattress in water or using the water directly on it. After this, you need to sprinkle some baking soda on the stains. 

Step 5: For stain removal, this step is necessary so that you can make use of detergents after. When your mattress is too heavy to be kept in the sun then you can use detergent as a cleaner for your mattress. All that you need to do is to sprinkle the detergent on the entire top of the mattress and leave for a few hours. So, this will absorb the moisture or odour from the mattress.

Step 6: Once again, you will have to do the vacuum cleaning to remove the baking soda from the mattress. So, this will make your mattress odourless and stain-free. 

Step 7: You can use sanitisers and deodorisers to end the cleaning process. 


These seven steps can help you to get rid of all kinds of mattress cleaning problems you would be facing. To save your time and money you can take help from professional mattress cleaning services in Hobart.

Cleaning is a very important topic in our daily life. Cleaning and prevention plays a major role in our hygiene. A bit of care and maintenance can help you to keep your mattresses in good health for years. You must have invested lots of your precious money on buying the best mattresses for your bed right. So, it is very common that you expect a good or comfortable sleep from it. If we see the lifespan of an average mattress life is around 5-10 years or even more if you take proper care of it. If you will not maintain your mattresses properly, then, no doubt its life will be shortened.

There are several environmental factors that you need to be aware of. Also in this article, you will get the best tips for mattress safety.

Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning

How to keep your mattress in good shape for long

In this article, we brought to your top 5 tips for mattress safety. So that you can sleep on it comfortably. Let’s see the tips:

  1. Make sure your mattress is properly supported: It is very common that you don’t buy the matching box spring or foundation. Whenever you buy a new mattress, it is very essential that you make sure that your mattress does have a way of support. This helps the mattress to preserve the material’s integrity and prevents early wearing. You should always check the warranty policy of your mattresses provided by the manufacturer. You can use Box springs only with spring mattresses while on the other hand, we have memory foam mattresses that require solid support.
  2. Use a mattress protector from the beginning: Another tip for mattress safety is using a mattress protector. Using a mattress protector from the beginning is very important and it is one of the simplest tips for mattress safety. Using it will ensure you that your mattress is going to last long. If you bought a good quality mattress protector, then, it will save your mattress from water spills or pet urines too as the good quality mattress protector comes with waterproofing.
  3. Wash bed linens regularly: While you sleep on your bed, you shed a lot of things on your mattresses like your sweat, hair, or skin cells. Or, if you have a habit of eating in your bed, then, no doubt you must have food crumbs too. These can make your mattress dirty and can invite many germs or pests. So, avoid it, the other tip for mattress safety we have is washing the bed lines regularly. It is very important that you clean or wash your bed sheets or linens regularly. Also if you are using a mattress protector clean, then, you should clean it too.
  4. No jumping on the bed: Well, jumping on the bed is not only loved by kids but also many adults have a habit to jump on the bed. So, if you have a bad habit of jumping on the bed too, then, stop it. Jumping on the bed can cause you to wear out your mattresses very early.
  5. Let the light in occasionally: It is very important that you let your mattresses out in the open air or sunlight. So that if the germs or pests like termites are hidden, they will run off due to heat. You should at least do it once or twice a month.


So, these are the 5 tips for mattress safety. Follow these tips and have a good night’s sleep on your comfortable mattress. Our expert team provides Professional Mattress Cleaning in Hobart.

If you want your mattress to be allergen and dust free then you should follow the all cleaning methods of mattress. This includes everything from the start to the end. If you read the following steps then you will come to know how to make your mattress perfect in every sense.

Get Rid Of The Dust First, With The Help Of A Vacuum Cleaner

The first step to getting rid of the dust will be to do vacuum cleaning. This method is one of the best ways to remove small dust particles. The dust can then invite dust mites and even more dust. Thus, it is better to get rid of these things and it will help you to take the steps further.

Remove The Bedding And Blankets By Washing The Linen

It is vital that you remove the bedding, linen, and blankets and this will help you to get rid of the dirt and stains. Often, people do not remove these things, and then finally they feel that their mattress is not hundred percent clean. 

Do Steam Cleaning For The Mattress

Now, you must do steam cleaning for your mattress. Take a handheld steam machine and then move the same throughout the mattress. This is a good way to remove dirt and bacteria. The mattress will get disinfected if you do steam cleaning in the right way. If you feel you do not have time and energy to do this type of cleaning then you can contact a professional and he can then take up all cleaning methods for a mattress.

Take Up Stain Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide 

Since the mattress might be exposed to dust and spills, you will see that there might be some stains on the same. You should therefore be serious about cleaning the stains. Take a good stain remover solvent or hydrogen peroxide to remove the hard and old stains. If you do stain removal then your mattress will be fine in every way.

Make Your Mattress Smell Free With Baking Soda Powder

If you feel that there is a bad smell coming from the mattress then you need to remove the bad smell. This will be possible by deodorising the mattress. You should sprinkle baking soda powder on the mattress and then do vacuum cleaning. This is one of the best ways to make your mattress perfect in every way.

By following all the above steps you are following all the mattress cleaning methods. This will help you to keep the mattress in the best condition.


Mattresses would have to face a good amount of activity and so they tend to become dirty. It is vital that you check what problems prevail and based on that you must clean the mattress. The above ways and means to clean the mattress can work wonders. So, plan things in such a way that you get access to the right avenues. Mattresses are supposed to be in great condition and this will give you the right options. Contact Us right away to sleep on a new, healthy, spotless mattress.