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Tips To Save Your Mattress From Growing mould

Mattress Mould Removal

There are not one or two but a lot of ways that can help you in avoiding mould in your mattress. mould is a type of fungus that is often found growing in damp places with high moisture levels. Here are some tips and tricks to save your mattress from mould. You can find tips on how to avoid mould on mattresses in this article.

  • Avoid Mattresses That Have Memory Foam

Sure it sounds and feels nice to sleep on a memory foam mattress but they are also an open invitation to mould growth. These kinds of mattresses are air-tight and they are probably the most airtight mattress that you can find on the market. Being airtight might be good for sleep, but they are suitable for mould growth. mould will start growing as there are no places for the air to move and you want good breathability to avoid mould growth.

  • Have A Good Air Flow Beneath Your Mattress

Whenever possible try to have decent space beneath your mattresses and floor. If possible you should buy a bed that has a slatted base. A slatted bed base allows the mattress to have better airflow in comparison to a board box or box spring type of bed base. This is going to allow the mattress to breathe more which lowers the chances of mattress mould growth. Using this method you can avoid mattress mould very much and you don’t need to hire any mattress mould removal service.

  • Use A Breathable Mattress Cover

If you are using your mattress without any cover then you need to buy one right now. A bed cover not only protects your mattress from dust but also reduces the chances of mould growth. We recommend using a mattress cover that is breathable to allow the air to flow through your mattress. It helps you avoid mattress mould growth a lot and you even cut the mould growth completely.

  • Put Your Mattress In A Well-Lit Environment

In most cases, moulds start to grow in a place that is humid and dark. One way you can avoid mattress mould growth is by putting your mattress in a well-lit environment. This process will work as the best mattress deodorization. It will eliminate all the darkness where mould can grow and you can reduce the chances of mould growth.

  • Keep Mattress Away From Moisture

Another major factor in mould growth is moisture. It thrives in places with high moisture levels. You need to keep your mattress away from any kind of moisture, by cutting or reducing the moisture. You take away one of the things where mould grows. This way you can avoid mattress mould growth in a big way. We recommend avoiding places such as pools, showers, and bathrooms and drying your hair before heading to bed. If you don’t consider your mattress seriously, you will have to hire mattress cleaning services twice or three times a year.

  • Dry Spills As Soon As You Can

Spills are another thing that can introduce moisture to your mattress. If a spill does happen then, you need to immediately dry the area and remove all the spilled liquid as soon as possible. If there is some moisture left behind even after cleaning the spill then, mould will start to grow. To avoid Mattress mould growth, you need to do everything in your power to treat the spill and remove all the moisture from your mattress.


These are some tips and tricks that you can use to avoid mattress mould growth. But, keep in mind this is not everything. There are still some ways in which mould can grow on your mattress. If you encounter a mattress mould then you need to look for mattress mould removal Hobart services from reputable & professional mattress cleaners.